CS Technion CTF

The place where debugging ducks come to chill

CS Technion CTF is a jeopardy-style CTF hosted by the computer science students committee in cooperation with the CS department.

The CTF will encourage participants to learn new techniques and concepts related to computer science, with challenges covering a wide range of topics and varying in difficulty and meme-ry.

Throughout the CTF our discord channel will be active and will include announcements, updates and live streams.

If you're not a student and you want to participate then please send us a message on discord or facebook.


The prizes are split between the three categories, the first column contains the prizes for the 1st and 2nd division and the second column for the 3rd division (details about the divisions is in the info section):

  • 1st Place: 6000₪ 3000₪
  • 2nd Place: 3000₪ 1500₪
  • 3rd Place: 1800₪ 900₪
  • 4th Place: 1200₪ 600₪
  • 5th Place: 800₪ 400₪